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Bruce Fox
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Last updated: Jun 23, 2013

About Bruce Fox

Born Folkestone UK 1964,
Educated in HK and in the UK.
Working in shipping and freight forwarding for 21 years, recently getting interested in gaining more knowledge in Bulk transportation and shipping.

Know-how and experience:
Having been a containerised goods shipper for most of my working career, I am interested in gaining an insight into and and obtaining more knowledge about Bulk shipping, chartering, operations methods and processes and procedures. Particularly with regards to Health and safety issues.

Personal Age: Bruce Fox was born in 1964.56 Years Place of Birth: Bruce Fox was born in Folkestone, United Kingdom.Folkestone, United Kingdom

Professional Experience 6 Years / 9 MonthBruce Fox has 6 years and 9 month professional experience in one position.

  • 2013/04 - today (6 Years / 9 Month)
    Managing Director (Board member)Bruce Fox works for Caircargo Ltd. as Managing Director since April 2013.

    Caircargo Ltd.

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