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Last updated: Dec 17, 2013

About Christof H. Mayer

H. Christof Mayer B.E-Struc, RPEQ

Born in the industrial heartland Saarbrücken in Germany in 1969, he graduated form The University of Technology, Sydney in 1995.
His professional affiliation is with the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland, Australia. See

Mr Mayer joined a fledgling engineering firm in 1989, which serviced Australasia, Pacific and East Asia. He logged an intense career in Heavy Machinery Engineering and gained extensive experience in design, structural analysis, mechanical engineering, plant diagnosis and rectification.

Over the fifteen years in that company he also made his contribution as a principal, holding responsibilities in business management, risk management and technical policy. He has now moved on to form Bulk-Port Pty Limited.

Know-how and experience:
Christof Mayer is a leading expert in the design of large scale bulk handling machinery

“We engineer for safety, for performance and for maximising possibilities."

An unconventional head and a nurtured grip on engineering fundamentals gives him the ability to find efficient concepts which he then builds on with technology.

Plant Diagnosis:
In-depth knowledge of what makes these machines work.

Big Lifts and Erection Procedures:
Integrity of incomplete structures, cranes, materials handling and practical application. All central to his knowledge and experience.

Highly experienced in all stages of design, from broad concept right through to arrangement, layout and detail of both structural and mechanical installations. Good design must successfully combine all of these.

Mechanical Engineering:
Including conveyor gear, lifting gear, rope systems, hydraulic applications, drive units, open gearing, chains and rack systems, etc.

Post incident:
Stability assessments, recovery, repair and reaffirmation of integrity, expert and expedient structural assessments, technical forensic assessment.

Structural analysis:
A long computing history is a good compliment to the real craft of discriminatory analysis ( aka. manual analysis ), which is a requisite for the highly variable subject of heavy machinery and is crucial for the realistic and expedient assessment of existing plant.

Please feel free to enquire for a more detailed history of projects.

Fields of Consulting work:
Safety in real time engineering
Integrity Inspection and assessment
Erection procedures
Big lifts
Structural analysis, design, auditing
Mechanical design, auditing.
Bucket Wheel Reclaimers
Portal Reclaimers


Professional Experience 12 Years / 5 MonthChristof H. Mayer has 12 years and 5 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2013/04 - today (6 Years / 7 Month)
    Principal (Full-time employee)Christof H. Mayer works for Bulk-Port Pty. Ltd. as Principal since April 2013.

    Bulk-Port Pty. Ltd.

  • 2007/06 - today (12 Years / 5 Month)
    Principal (Full-time employee)Christof H. Mayer works for Bulk-Port Pty Limited as Principal since June 2007.

    Bulk-Port Pty Limited

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