Zainal Andi Kusuma

Pellet Silo Section Head

Zainal Andi Kusuma
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ISM Bogsari

Last updated: May 6, 2013

About Zainal Andi Kusuma

Section head at pellet silo and handling department

Know-how and experience:
Responsible for bulkpellet operation loading to ship and truck


  • Know-How ?Zainal Andi Kusuma has specialized knowledge about the following topics.


Professional Experience 6 Years / 4 MonthZainal Andi Kusuma has 6 years and 4 month professional experience in one position.

  • 2013/04 - today (6 Years / 4 Month)
    Pellet Silo Section Head (Full-time employee)Zainal Andi Kusuma works for ISM Bogsari as Pellet Silo Section Head since April 2013.

    ISM Bogsari

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