Koray Kandemir, M.Sc., PMP [trKoray Kandemir is a native Turkish speaker.] [enKoray Kandemir is a fluent English speaker.]

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Koray Kandemir
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Minetech Global Engineering

Last updated: Apr 4, 2019

Last activity: Nov 13, 2019

About Koray Kandemir

10+ years of experience in international engineering- construction projects and investment budget management in cement industry.


Professional Experience 6 Years / 4 MonthKoray Kandemir has 6 years and 4 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2016/04 - today (3 Years / 8 Month)
    Managing Director (Full-time employee)Koray Kandemir works for Minetech Global Engineering as Managing Director since April 2016.

    Minetech Global Engineering

  • 2013/08 - 2018/08 (5 Years / 0 Month)
    Director (Full-time employee)Koray Kandemir worked for Medcem Global Cement as Director from August 2013 to August 2018.

    Medcem Global Cement, Investments & Project

Publications 1Koray Kandemir wrote 1 publications

  • The Environmental Sustainability in Cement Industry and the impact of additives [The Environmental Sustainability in Cement Industry and the impact of additives was written by Koray Kandemir in Englishen]

    Turkey, 2017/04 (2 Years / 8 Month ago)

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