Khalid Sabir, M.B.A [enKhalid Sabir is a native English speaker.] [enKhalid Sabir is a native English speaker.]


Khalid Sabir
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A.P.P. Marketing ApS

Last updated: Mar 25, 2019

Last activity: Mar 31, 2019

Personal Birthday: Khalid Sabir was born on May 26, 1961.May 26 (58 Years)

  • Know-How ?Khalid Sabir has specialized knowledge about the following topics.

    Used rubber conveyor belts

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Professional Experience 23 Years / 3 MonthKhalid Sabir has 23 years and 3 month professional experience in one position.

  • 1996/10 - today (23 Years / 3 Month)
    Director (Full-time employee)Khalid Sabir works for A.P.P. Marketing ApS as Director since October 1996.

    A.P.P. Marketing ApS

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