Dr. Duc Van Nguyen, Engineer [viDr. Duc Van Nguyen is a native Vietnamese speaker.]


Dr. Duc Van Nguyen
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Last updated: Feb 15, 2019

Last activity: Feb 23, 2019

About Duc Van Nguyen

I’m a careful and hard-working person. I’m eager to learn new things and willing to work in team. I easily adapt to with new working environment and take initiative in work.

Personal Birthday: Dr. Duc Van Nguyen was born on February 24, 1992.February 24 (27 Years) Place of Birth: Dr. Duc Van Nguyen was born in Nam Dinh CITY, Vietnam.Nam Dinh CITY, Vietnam

Professional Experience 3 Years / 9 MonthDr. Duc Van Nguyen has 3 years and 9 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2018/10 - today (0 Years / 6 Month)
    Employees, Engineer (Full-time employee)Dr. Duc Van Nguyen works for Narime as Employees since October 2018.

    Narime, Ha Noi

  • 2015/07 - today (3 Years / 9 Month)
    Employees, Engineer (Full-time employee)Dr. Duc Van Nguyen works for IMI HOIDLING as Employees since July 2015.


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