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Chandy John

Last updated: Jan 24, 2015

About Chandy John

Born April 10, 1937
Born in Chennai, INDIA
Graduate in Mechanical Engineering
Served 32 years with Brooke Bond Lipton India Ltd., specialising in all aspects of engineering related to the Tea industry.

Know-how and experience:
My speciality is in the field of blending/mixing/bulking of any dry and free flowing products. I also specialise in the measurement of Bulk Density of any dry and free flowing products.

Fields of Consulting work:
1. Blending
2. Batch Blending
3. Bulk Density Measurement


  • Know-How ?Chandy John has specialized knowledge about the following topics.

    Music, Photography

Professional Experience 16 Years / 3 MonthChandy John has 16 years and 3 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2013/04 - today (7 Years / 5 Month)
    Sole Proprietor (Full-time employee)Chandy John works for Chandy John as Sole Proprietor since April 2013.

    Chandy John

  • 2004/06 - today (16 Years / 3 Month)
    Chief Executive (Full-time employee)Chandy John works for Chandy John as Chief Executive since June 2004.

    Chandy John

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