Doan Pendleton

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Doan Pendleton
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Last updated: Mar 24, 2015

About Doan Pendleton

Vice President Sales & Marketing for VAC-U-MAX

Know-how and experience:
Vacuum Conveying
Dense Phase Conveying


  • Know-How ?Doan Pendleton has specialized knowledge about the following topics.

    Pneumatic systems

Professional Experience 15 Years / 3 MonthDoan Pendleton has 15 years and 3 month professional experience in 3 different positions.

  • 2013/08 - today (4 Years / 4 Month)
    VAC-U-MAX  Co.
    Vice President Sales & Marketing (Full-time employee)Doan Pendleton works for VAC-U-MAX Co. as Vice President Sales & Marketing since August 2013.

    VAC-U-MAX Co.

  • 2009/11 - today (8 Years / 1 Month)
    VAC-U-MAX  Co.
    Vice President (Full-time employee)Doan Pendleton works for VAC-U-MAX Co. as Vice President since November 2009.

    VAC-U-MAX Co.

  • 2002/09 - today (15 Years / 3 Month)
    Marketing Manager (Full-time employee)Doan Pendleton works for Aerocon (A VAC-U-MAX Company) as Marketing Manager since September 2002.

    Aerocon (A VAC-U-MAX Company)

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