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Dr. Carlo Cella
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Last updated: Jan 26, 2018

Last activity: Jan 26, 2018

About Carlo Cella

My education, skill and motivation is always driving me to see technologies and digitization as a tool and not a target, as a way to be diruptive, innovating and creating new (business) models, doing new things in a new way.

DIGITAL TOOLS are already available in our pockets and there isnt any technical limit that we can not overcome.

Its just in the Humans capabilities the resposabilty turining DIGITAL OPPORTUNITIES into DIGITAL MINDSET, into BENEFITS improving the HUMAN LIFE, as well as the Schools, the Univeristies, the Organizations, the Corporate Business.

Personal Age: Dr. Carlo Cella was born in 1969.50 Years

Professional Experience 23 Years / 2 MonthDr. Carlo Cella has 23 years and 2 month professional experience in one position.

  • 1996/06 - today (23 Years / 2 Month)
    CEO (Full-time employee)Dr. Carlo Cella works for QualiCal International S.r.l. as CEO since June 1996.

    QualiCal International S.r.l.

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