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Vice President Minerals

Julio Paro-Vidolin
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Cotecna Inspection S.A.

Last updated: Jun 13, 2017

Last activity: Jul 14, 2017

Personal Birthday: Julio Paro-Vidolin was born on February 20, 1960.February 20 (59 Years)

Professional Experience 28 Years / 7 MonthJulio Paro-Vidolin has 28 years and 7 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2017/02 - today (2 Years / 8 Month)
    Vice President Minerals (Full-time employee)Julio Paro-Vidolin works for Cotecna Inspection S.A. as Vice President Minerals since February 2017.

    Cotecna Inspection S.A., Minerals

  • 1991/03 - 2017/01 (25 Years / 10 Month)
    In Various Managment Positions, Ditector of Operations, Marketing and Sales, (Full-time employee)Julio Paro-Vidolin worked for Inspectorate as In Various Managment Positions from March 1991 to January 2017.

    Inspectorate, Metals & Minerals

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