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Leslie (Les) D. D. Dunn
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Last updated: Apr 26, 2019

Last activity: Jul 10, 2019

About Leslie (Les) D. D. Dunn

Senior level leaving certificate.
Worked as a mechanic and further trained in the Air force as a Fitter-Mechanic with cross training in several disciplines. Have owned with family hard rock quarrying and earth-moving businesses. Worked for numerous employers covering many disciplines. Have managed crushing and quarrying and transport companies and also consulted to numerous others. Have had the opportunity to become a fellow of engineering but declined for personal reasons being time constraints. Now retired, my activities which I see as my hobby, are devoting my time to developing my vast hoard of patent-able designs to market ready staging. I am in the process of converting many of my innovative technologies to 2D - 3D CAD modeling and documentation of a full set of features of each product item to compliment the designs. Each of these designs in their individual concepts have the potential to be disruptive technology and which I wish to sell on to devote time to a lesser number group of some of my other projects.

Know-how and experience:
I have been associated with all aspects of bulk materials handling and processing systems which touch on most threads I have observed in this portal. Conveying, crushing, mining, quarrying, transport designs along with aircraft structural concepts, marine design concepts, practical hydrology aspects, renewable energy design concepts, Occupational Health and Safety Environmental benefits schemes form the basis of my interest, knowledge and Philosophy [#1:- Do it Once & Do it Right - FIRST TIME] -:- #2 [There is NO Such Thing as a Problem, Just an ISSUE requiring a SOLUTION!] and ALL along with in keeping with the Modified KISS Principal:- [Keep It Stupidly Simple and it will Always work.] that I work to. Have had to learn how logistical transportation and lead times to ensure raw product is on hand for the JIT scheme to match the proprietary factory equipment I have designed can be optimized to the best benefits. I have designed the equipment from scratch with modifications to existing available equipment suit the dedicated tasks with minimal intervention. I had been appointed as the Technical Director in a non remunerated position to the board of the re-badged company that my personal, Allenvee Holdings Pty Ltd, company had licensed my patents to produce. This intellectual property licensee company breached all the provisions over a long period with the final outcome having all the licenses rescinded totally. I have been setting the small factory to manually fabricate roll products the conveyor idler OneFits(TM) Rolls at 100 - 200 per day with 3 men.

I am now actively seeking an international company which has a Solutions Based division and with highly qualified engineering associates in the broad cross-section of expertise to license my Intellectual Property patented tried and tested successfully in the market.

Personal Age: Leslie (Les) D. D. Dunn was born in 1947.72 Years Place of Birth: Leslie (Les) D. D. Dunn was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Professional Experience 23 Years / 7 MonthLeslie (Les) D. D. Dunn has 23 years and 7 month professional experience in 4 different positions.

  • 2015/09 - today (4 Years / 2 Month)
    Technology advisor, Developmental consultant (Voluntarily)Leslie (Les) D. D. Dunn works for DunnEasy Conveyor Solutions as Technology advisor since September 2015.

    DunnEasy Conveyor Solutions, Research & Development

  • 2015/09 - today (4 Years / 2 Month)
    OwnerDirector, Retired Actively maintaining Patents & Desig (Owner)Leslie (Les) D. D. Dunn works for Allenvee Holdings (Pty) Ltd. as OwnerDirector since September 2015.

    Allenvee Holdings (Pty) Ltd., Mechanical

  • 1996/04 - today (23 Years / 7 Month)
    Owner (Owner)Leslie (Les) D. D. Dunn works for TECMATE Mine Services PL as Owner since April 1996.

    TECMATE Mine Services PL

  • 2010/01 - 2015/09 (5 Years / 8 Month)
    Technical Manager, R&DManufacturingServicingFabrication,Supervis (Full-time employee)Leslie (Les) D. D. Dunn worked for Tamec Services (Pty) Ltd. as Technical Manager from January 2010 to September 2015.

    Tamec Services (Pty) Ltd., Management

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