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Technical sales of (OIML)weighing solutions

Naud Luijerink
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JESMA Weighing Solutions

Last updated: Jun 28, 2018

Last activity: Apr 24, 2019

About Naud Luijerink

With an experience of 20+ years in weighing-and level measurement solutions focussed on dry bulk material handling, my daily challange it to find the best weighing solutions for all kind of applications. Experiences in food, feed, mining & minerals, plastics, chemical projects.
OIML, Welmec, MID , ATEX we have all te certificates. Global contacts for weighing

Personal Birthday: Naud Luijerink was born on June 07, 1961.June 07 (58 Years) Place of Birth: Naud Luijerink was born in Breda, Netherlands.Breda, Netherlands

Professional Experience 36 Years / 7 MonthNaud Luijerink has 36 years and 7 month professional experience in 9 different positions.

  • 2016/01 - today (3 Years / 7 Month)
    Technical sales of (OIML)weighing solutions, Sales Director (Full-time employee)Naud Luijerink works for JESMA Weighing Solutions as Technical sales of (OIML)weighing solutions since January 2016.

    JESMA Weighing Solutions, Industrial weighing solutions for dry bulk material handling

  • 2012/07 - 2016/01 (3 Years / 6 Month)
    Technical Sales Manager, General Manager (Full-time employee)Naud Luijerink worked for Solids Instruments as Technical Sales Manager from July 2012 to January 2016.

    Solids Instruments, Weighing & Level solutions for dry bulk material handling

  • 2010/07 - 2012/08 (2 Years / 1 Month)
    REMBE GmbH
    Global Sales & Business Development Manager, Develop and train global partners in weighing (Full-time employee)Naud Luijerink worked for REMBE GmbH as Global Sales & Business Development Manager from July 2010 to August 2012.

    REMBE GmbH, Control Division, weighing & level measurement solutions

  • 2009/12 - 2010/07 (0 Years / 7 Month)
    European sales & business development manager, Develop and train dealer network in Europe (Full-time employee)Naud Luijerink worked for APM Automation, 3D sonic systems as European sales & business development manager from December 2009 to July 2010.

    APM Automation, 3D sonic systems, Volume measuring systems for dry bulk storage

  • 2006/07 - 2009/12 (3 Years / 5 Month)
    Sales Manager Eastern Europe & Benelux Bulk m, Manage the dealer network on weighing solutio (Full-time employee)Naud Luijerink worked for Thermo Fischer Scientific as Sales Manager Eastern Europe & Benelux Bulk m from July 2006 to December 2009.

    Thermo Fischer Scientific, Thermo Ramsey bulk material handling

  • 2000/01 - 2006/07 (6 Years / 6 Month)
    Technical Sales Manager, Specialist Dynamic Weighing Ultra Sonics & Ra (Full-time employee)Naud Luijerink worked for Siemens - Milltronics as Technical Sales Manager from January 2000 to July 2006.

    Siemens - Milltronics, Weighing & Level measurement solutions

  • 1992/01 - 2000/01 (8 Years / 0 Month)
    Bussiness unit sales manager, Technical Sales Manager Industry (Full-time employee)Naud Luijerink worked for Electro Automatisering, Solar as Bussiness unit sales manager from January 1992 to January 2000.

    Electro Automatisering, Solar, Industrial instruments , level & weighing solutions, Simatic PLC systems Danfoss Freqenty conver

  • 1987/01 - 1992/01 (5 Years / 0 Month)
    Manager Technical Sales and Service (Full-time employee)Naud Luijerink worked for GOM Security Systems as Manager Technical Sales and Service from January 1987 to January 1992.

    GOM Security Systems, Business safety & fire protection systems

  • 1983/01 - 1987/12 (4 Years / 11 Month)
    Radar specialist, NCO (Full-time employee)Naud Luijerink worked for Royal Dutch Navy as Radar specialist from January 1983 to December 1987.

    Royal Dutch Navy, Weapon Technical Service, Sharpshooter

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