Charlie Zhang, B.Sc. [zhCharlie Zhang is a native Chinese speaker.] [enCharlie Zhang knows the basics of the English language.]

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Charlie Zhang
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Last updated: Mar 16, 2016

Last activity: May 6, 2018

About Charlie Zhang

Lee Measure is undertaken by Charlie Lee Zhang in 2012. He has Master Degree of Chemical Machinery and Chemical process and he has tanked many project design and construction process for internationalcompanies, e.g. in 1998, Zhejiang Shell lubrication oil and bitumenblending plants in 2005,Jiangsu Vopak chemical terminal in 2007,Zhejiang DaxieStoltterminal and design a transportation piping to MAPin 2009, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang silicone rubber and VAE emulsion process package design In 2009, in Jiangsu Zhangjiagang taken a special machine design for mixing powder and high viscosity fluid with global senior experts

Personal Age: Charlie Zhang was born in 1959.60 Years Place of Birth: Charlie Zhang was born in Shanghai, China.Shanghai, China

Professional Experience 16 Years / 0 MonthCharlie Zhang has 16 years and 0 month professional experience in 3 different positions.

  • 2013/02 - today (7 Years / 1 Month)
    Process Engineer, project engineer (Full-time employee)Charlie Zhang works for ShuZou Lee Technical Measure Co., Ltd. as Process Engineer since February 2013.

    ShuZou Lee Technical Measure Co., Ltd., Engineering

  • 2009/03 - today (11 Years / 0 Month)
    Project Manager, Set up new plant (Full-time employee)Charlie Zhang works for WACKER as Project Manager since March 2009.

    WACKER, Engineering

  • 2004/03 - today (16 Years / 0 Month)
    Process Engieer, basic design and Detail Design (Full-time employee)Charlie Zhang works for Vopark as Process Engieer since March 2004.

    Vopark, Engineering

Publications 1Charlie Zhang wrote 1 publications

  • The Study of Rreciprocate Pump Draving by Hydraulic system [The Study of Rreciprocate Pump Draving by Hydraulic system was written by Charlie Zhang in Chinesezh]

    at: Thesis, check by mail

    Shanghai, China, 2010/03 (10 Years / 0 Month ago)

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