Reuven Serby, Dipl.-Ing.

PN / Director

Reuven Serby
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Serby Pneumatics Ltd.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2013

About Reuven Serby

10 years by Buhler AG, Switzerland
12 years by Serby AG, Switzerland and by Serby Pneumatics Ltd. Israel

Know-how and experience:
22 years in the field of pneumatic conveying systems

Personal Age: Reuven Serby was born in 1947.72 Years Place of Birth: Reuven Serby was born in Technion Haifa, Israel.Technion Haifa, Israel

Professional Experience 15 Years / 0 MonthReuven Serby has 15 years and 0 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2004/11 - today (14 Years / 10 Month)
    General Manager (Board member)Reuven Serby works for Serby AG as General Manager since November 2004.

    Serby AG

  • 2004/09 - today (15 Years / 0 Month)
    PN / Director (Full-time employee)Reuven Serby works for Serby Pneumatics Ltd. as PN / Director since September 2004.

    Serby Pneumatics Ltd.

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