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Last updated: May 20, 2018

About Michael J. Gawinski

Born 1949 in Wilmington, Delaware.
B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Delaware, 1971.
M.S. Business Administration, Robert Morris College, 1983.
Licensed Professional Engineer (Structural), Pennsylvania, 1976.
Design Engineer, Bulk Handling Consulting Engineer, Field Construction Advisor (Mackay, Australia), Product Manager with Dravo Corporation 1971-1989.
Product Manager (transducers), Knowles Electronics, 1989-1992.
Product Manager (motorized pulleys), Interroll Corporation 1993-present.
Member American Society of Civil Engineers.
Author and international speaker on various bulk materials handling topics including: ocean shipping trends, ocean/river terminal development, conveyor system component design.
Adjunct Professor of Marketing in several US MBA programs.
Most important hobby consists of visiting and entertaining children in orphanages, schools, and hospitals in Eastern European countries.

Know-how and experience:
Engineer specializing in design, installation, and maintenance of conveyor belt drives and accessories (rollers, cleaners, skirts, slider beds.)
Developer of conveyor drive design software (HP, trajectory, belt fill factor, etc.)
Environmental consultant, specializing in bulk materials handling systems.
Market researcher, in river/ocean port development and ocean shipping.
Instructor specializing in Strategic Market Planning.

Fields of Consulting work:
1. Motorized Pulleys (Drum Motors)
2. Conveyor pulleys, rollers, & idlers
3. Conveyor skirt sealing
4. Conveyor belt cleaners
5. Conveyor power & trajectory calculations

Gawinski, M.J.: "Motorized Pulleys Solve Materials Handling Problems in North America" (published Bulk Solids Handling Journal, Vol. 21-Number 2-March/April 2001.)
Gawinski, M.J.; Gresch W.: "Belt Conveyor Improvements for Minerals Extraction: Eastern European Lignite and North American Stone" (published Suface Mining Journal, 53 (2001)No. 2 April/June.)
Gawinski, M.J.: "Selecting the Optinal Belt Conveyor Drive" (Materials Handling Institute of America, presented at NA2002, Detroit, Michigan, April 2002.)
Gawinski, M.J.; Mortimer, N.B.: "Coal Handling Dust Control Techniques: Meeting the Environmental Regulations," (presented at Coal Technology Europe '81, Cologne, Germany, June, 1981.)
Gawinski, M.J.: "Solving the Energy Crisis - World Coal Trade 1980-2000," (presented at the 3rd Bulk Handling & Transport Conference, Amsterdam, May, 1981.)
Gawinski, M.J.; Meece, L.H.: "The Vital Interface of Ocean Shipping and Inland Waterways: Overview of Ship & Barge Bulk Transfer Technology and Economics," (presented at 3rd International Symposium on Transport and Handling os Minerals, Vancouver, Canada, October, 1979.)


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Professional Experience 6 Years / 9 MonthMichael J. Gawinski has 6 years and 9 month professional experience in one position.

  • 2013/04 - today (6 Years / 9 Month)
    President (Board member)Michael J. Gawinski works for RULMECA Corporation as President since April 2013.

    RULMECA Corporation

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