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Prof. Toshihiko Shakouchi
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Last updated: Apr 30, 2013

About Toshihiko Shakouchi

Prof.,Dr.Eng.Toshihiko Shakouchi
Graduate School of Engineering
Mie University, Japan
* Date of Birth: 2nd Sep.,1945
* Nationality: Japan
* Eduacation:
Dr.Eng.,:Nagoya University,Japan
M.S.& B.S., Mech.Eng., Ehime University, Japan
* Experience:
1994-date: Professor
1992-1993: Guest Researcher, LSTM,Univ.Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany
1969-1994: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Dept.of Mech.Engr., Mie Univ., Japan
* Honors & Awards: Best Paper Award, Japan Soc.of multiphase Flow, 1998, and others
* Professional Activities:
+ Member of JSME, JSMF, ASME FED CGIT, SCEJ, JSFM, ASSJ, HTSJ, and others
+ Symposium Organizer:
Third ASME/JSME Joint Fluids Engr.Conf, 1999, and others
+ Editor in Chief of JSMF, and others
+ Research Grants Council, Hong Kong, External Assessor, and others

Know-how and experience:
* Areas of Research:
Fluid and Heat Mechanics, Environmental Fluid and Heat Mechaanics, Multiphase Flow, Expermental and Numerical Analysis
+ Pulverization of Fine Solid Particles by Gas Flow
+ Classification of fine Solid Particles by Gas Flow


Fields of Consulting work:
1. Pulverization
2. Classification

1.Morimoto,Y.,Study on Flow Characteristics in and Classification Efficiency of Pneumatic Type Ultra Fine Powder Classifier, Trans.of JSME, in prerss.
2.Shakouchi,T., et al., Numerical and Experimental analyses on Performance of Virtual-Impactor Type Classifier , Proc.of 4th Int.Conf.on Multiphase Flow, ICMF-2001,(2001), CD-ROM.
3.and others



Professional Experience 17 Years / 11 MonthProf. Toshihiko Shakouchi has 17 years and 11 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2013/04 - today (6 Years / 4 Month)
    Professor (Full-time employee)Prof. Toshihiko Shakouchi works for Mie University as Professor since April 2013.

    Mie University

  • 2001/09 - today (17 Years / 11 Month)
    Graduate School of Engineering (Full-time employee)Prof. Toshihiko Shakouchi works for Mie University as Graduate School of Engineering since September 2001.

    Mie University

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