Johannes Mergl

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Johannes Mergl
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Last updated: Mar 12, 2015

Last activity: Aug 7, 2017

About Johannes Mergl

Has worked for processing and command circuitries suppliers for concrete plants.
Consulting in software hardware and applications concerning process evaluation focussed on moisture measurement.

Know-how and experience:
We are the experts of moisture measurement online, in laboratory and with handheld devices. We are handling all kind of systems such as neutron, gamma ray, microwave, NIR, conductivity an specialized on high freqeuncy capacive systems.
We can monitor, control and command the moisture content of all kind of products in all kind of price levels.

Fields of Consulting work:
Moisture measurement
Humidity measurement
Temperature measurement

Process optimisation with moisture measurement
Online down to the core
Mixing and blending with mositure measriung


Professional Experience 19 Years / 8 MonthJohannes Mergl has 19 years and 8 month professional experience in one position.

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