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Richard Munson
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Last updated: Apr 30, 2013

About Richard Munson

Born 1955 in Miles City, Montana
BS Industrial Engineering, Montana State University, 1978
Pipeline engineere with Continental Pipe Line Co. for 15 years, Houston, TX
Self employed in Montana for 8 years.
Koch Transporttechnik Gmbh and Dearborn Midwest Conveyor for ten years from 2000 - 2010. Product Manager Pipe Conveyor and Mgr Special Products.

Know-how and experience:
Strong experience with the estimating, design and installation of pipe conveyors particularly for long overland applications to landfills and in-plant conveyors. With Beumer has had training with the overland curved trough conveyor as well.

Fields of Consulting work:
Overland conveyors
Pipe conveyors
Economic analysis i.e. NPV Analysis of different conveying methods and versus trucking.


Professional Experience 0 Years / 0 MonthRichard Munson has 0 years and 0 month professional experience in one position.

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