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Nicola Altobelli
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Last updated: May 2, 2018

Last activity: May 2, 2018

About Nicola Altobelli

Italy 23.09.1979
Graduate in 2002 (University of Florece)
MBA 2007 (excutive program MIP Politecnico of Milan)
Since 2003 active in the sales department of ECEplast s.r.l.
Actualy Sales and Marketing responsible with special skills on the development of new packaging solution for transport of bulk product in container.

Know-how and experience:
Research on field of new technical solutions for the transport of bulk product (chemical or food grade) in container within liner bags.

Fields of Consulting work:
Liners for container.


Professional Experience 8 Years / 10 MonthNicola Altobelli has 8 years and 10 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2013/08 - today (6 Years / 1 Month)
    Key account Manager (Full-time employee)Nicola Altobelli works for ECEplast S.r.l. as Key account Manager since August 2013.

    ECEplast S.r.l.

  • 2010/11 - today (8 Years / 10 Month)
    Engineer (Full-time employee)Nicola Altobelli works for ECEplast S.r.l. as Engineer since November 2010.

    ECEplast S.r.l.

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