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José Martínez Aray
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Gerencia de Proyectos (GERENPRO) S.A.C.

Last updated: Sep 24, 2013

About José Martínez Aray

Mechnical & Electrical Engineer
1935-1938 Trainee in Steam Ship-Iron Foundry . Machine Shop
1939-1943 Universidad Naional de Ingeneiría, Mechanical& Electrical Engineer
1944-1946 Sociedad Paramonga Lim. Mehcanical Engineer -Stem Power Plan Erectiom
1947-1950 Eagle Iron Works Foundry Machine Shop Ltd Chief Engioneer
1950-1970 MARTIEZ & LINARES S.A. INGENIEROS, Engineers - Steel Fabricators - Plant Erectio Contractors - Funder President
Since 1975 GERENCIA DE PROYECTOS S.A.C. (GERENPRO) Funder - President - Director
*CountruClub de Villa Life Associate
*GERENPRO DIrector & Engineeering Manager
1946 -1948 RAyon Peruana Chief Engineer

Know-how and experience:
*Design of Mechanical and Pneumatical Materials Handling and Storing Systems
*Stell Fabrication and Erection
*Industrial Plant Consruction and Erection
- Oil Refineries: Talara-La Pampilla. Conchan
- Cament Plants: Atocongo Allis Chalmers(LimaCemento Andino MIAG(Tarma) - Cementpo Sur Fl Smith Juliaca
- Assembly Plants: Ford, GM, Chrisley
-Sugar & Paper Mills: Paramonga(W.R.GRACE)- TUMAN - PUCALA - CAYALTY
- GLORIA Group: Steel Bays, Machinery Erection - ROMERO GROUP: Steel Bays, Machinery Erection - Mobil Oil Perú and others: API Tanks, Service Stations -OWENS ILLINOIS PERU: Steel Bays - MOLINOS DEL PERU:Refined Vegetable Oil Plant Engineering Project - Dsign & Erection of Fie Fighting System - Oil Stotage - Piping aand Mahinery Erection

Personal Birthday: José Martínez Aray was born on January 20, 1920.January 20 (99 Years) Place of Birth: José Martínez Aray was born in Seattle, WA, United States.Seattle, WA, United States

Professional Experience 10 Years / 11 MonthJosé Martínez Aray has 10 years and 11 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2013/04 - today (6 Years / 6 Month)
    Director Engineering Manager (Full-time employee)José Martínez Aray works for 1.Gerencia de Proyectos (GERENPRO) S.A.C. as Director Engineering Manager since April 2013.

    1.Gerencia de Proyectos (GERENPRO) S.A.C.

  • 2008/11 - today (10 Years / 11 Month)
    President (Board member)José Martínez Aray works for Gerencia de Proyectos (GERENPRO) S.A.C. as President since November 2008.

    Gerencia de Proyectos (GERENPRO) S.A.C.

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