Vikramaditya Kailash Mathur, MBA [enVikramaditya Kailash Mathur is a native English speaker.] [deVikramaditya Kailash Mathur knows the basics of the German language.] [frVikramaditya Kailash Mathur knows the basics of the French language.] [itVikramaditya Kailash Mathur knows the basics of the Italian language.] [ruVikramaditya Kailash Mathur knows the basics of the Russian language.]

Interpreter - De.Fr.It.Ru

Vikramaditya Kailash Mathur
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Last updated: Dec 30, 2017

Last activity: Dec 30, 2017

About Vikramaditya Kailash Mathur

Freelance Interpreter & Chemical Engineer with background in technical sales and translations. Familiar with automation technologies. Trained in industry in Germany & India before current profession of interpreterlinguist. Pastpresent member of DECHEMA, VDI, IGCC, IRCC, VDE, SICC, AIChE.

Personal Birthday: Vikramaditya Kailash Mathur was born on December 30.December 30 Place of Birth: Vikramaditya Kailash Mathur was born in Allahabad, India.Allahabad, India

Professional Experience 7 Years / 7 MonthVikramaditya Kailash Mathur has 7 years and 7 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2012/03 - today (7 Years / 7 Month)
    Interpreter - De.Fr.It.Ru (Freelancer)Vikramaditya Kailash Mathur works for Individual as Interpreter - De.Fr.It.Ru since March 2012.


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