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Marketing Manager

Amy Donahue-Kelley
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General Kinematics Corp

Last updated: Aug 21, 2017

Last activity: Feb 21, 2018

About Amy Donahue-Kelley

Gaining invaluable knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur, Amy Donahue-Kelley has worked in business marketing and communications for over ten years. Specializing in marketing strategy, branding, and business development that leads to increased profits and customer retention, she has developed close relationships with all of her colleagues and clients to achieve numerous successful projects. Mrs. Kelley handles all the Marketing Communications for General Kinematics and is focused on building brand consistency, developing effective content and promoting GKs mission to be the best vibratory equipment supplier to the market.

Personal Birthday: Amy Donahue-Kelley was born on March 19.March 19 Place of Birth: Amy Donahue-Kelley was born in Rockford, IL, United States.Rockford, IL, United States

Professional Experience 13 Years / 4 MonthAmy Donahue-Kelley has 13 years and 4 month professional experience in 4 different positions.

  • 2014/10 - today (5 Years / 0 Month)
    Marketing Manager (Full-time employee)Amy Donahue-Kelley works for General Kinematics Corp as Marketing Manager since October 2014.

    General Kinematics Corp

  • 2013/08 - today (6 Years / 2 Month)
    Marketing Coordinator (Full-time employee)Amy Donahue-Kelley works for General Kinematics Corp as Marketing Coordinator since August 2013.

    General Kinematics Corp

  • 2012/02 - 2013/07 (1 Years / 5 Month)
    Marketing Coordinator (Full-time employee)Amy Donahue-Kelley worked for Sellstrom Manufacturing as Marketing Coordinator from February 2012 to July 2013.

    Sellstrom Manufacturing

  • 2006/06 - 2011/12 (5 Years / 6 Month)
    Signage Consultant (Partner)Amy Donahue-Kelley worked for Insignia: A Sign Company as Signage Consultant from June 2006 to December 2011.

    Insignia: A Sign Company, Sales

Publications 1Amy Donahue-Kelley wrote 1 publications

  • Putting Destructive Vibratory Energy to Productive Use in Grinding [Putting Destructive Vibratory Energy to Productive Use in Grinding was written by Amy Donahue-Kelley in Englishen]

    at: Engineering & Mining Journal (http:www.e-mj.comfeatures3731-putting-destruc)

    Crystal Lake, United States, 2014/02 (5 Years / 8 Month ago)

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