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Last updated: Jan 7, 2020

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About Anil Seth

After ruining self for the last 38 years with more then 500 clients,companies in various sectors like cement,port,fertiliser,logisticsCFS,fly ash, gypsum,solar power, green building material, tileboard manufacturing specially using waste products,chemical,power sector,engineering consultants from globe like - Holcim,Halcrow, Tatas,TMILL,Sical,Rites,CESJacobs,Aecom,Bothras,Gammon,PWc,KPMG,Drewry, Subarnarekha Port Dev.Co.,Cormondel group,AdanisHaskoning,Deloitte,Ibau-Hamburg,Haver and Boecker,Fix peterSteimel,Noble-Singapore, and more then 40 cement and fertiliser companies,about 300 vendorssuppliers,heavy fabrication units,engineering institutes, we would be honored to provide our services free of cost to new beginnersplayers,young project engineers,Institutes who deals with the mentioned subject keeping in view of still learning while sharing.
The areas are-
Reducing man power,increase in efficiency by providing innovative handling systems for various products like cement,flyash, fertiliser,grain,chemicals in various forms like bulk,bagged or unit handling.
Suggesting automatic packingbagging, truck and wagon loading systems for bagged products,layoutplanning,equipment selection,costing,vendor development. Being worked at Ibau-Hamburg, Enexco,Fix Peter Steimel,Haver and Boecker in India, we have done more then 30 such systems for cement,fertiliser and chemical Industries.
Cement,flyash terminals, specially at port side,Innovative design for loading and unloading terminals,despatch. Barge handling and conveying systems,Transshipment of various material,Riverine terminals ect.
Port planning ,layout,handling and storage of various bulk material,import and export terminals ect. uptill now we have executed more then 20 mega(up to 20 mtpa) and minor ports in India and Abroad.We are honored to get more then 5 projects from TMILL-Tata Steel and appreacition against our services in this sector.
Various types of silo storage systems like flat bottom,conical,ring silos,multicomparment silos,dome silos,aluminium silos with feeding and extration systems-Specially trained at Ibau-Hamburg about 15 years back for such systems.
Oursourcing of raw material,logistics,plant layout,DPR for Gypsum calcination,tile and board plants.We have executedmade reports for such plants in India,Bahrain and in Oman.
Innovative techniques for making tiles,boards using waste materials like slag,flyash,husk and other waste materials. We have executed similar project recently for Tata Steel,Jamshedpur for making tiles using slag as a main components.
Container freight stations,logistic parks,food parks master planning,equipment selection,vendor dev. ect.
Customisation,design engineering,supervision and fabrication of any type of productmachines.

Personal Birthday: Anil Seth was born on September 25, 1958.September 25 (61 Years)

Professional Experience 12 Years / 6 MonthAnil Seth has 12 years and 6 month professional experience in 2 different positions.

  • 2013/06 - today (6 Years / 7 Month)
    Director and Owner (Board member)Anil Seth works for Libran Engineering & Services as Director and Owner since June 2013.

    Libran Engineering & Services

  • 2007/07 - today (12 Years / 6 Month)
    Engineer (Full-time employee)Anil Seth works for Libran Engineering&Services as Engineer since July 2007.

    Libran Engineering&Services

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